UDC 004.896

A.V. Kizim, A.V. Matokhina, A.G. Kravets, I.P.Medintseva

The paper describes the development of a system for representing knowledge about equipment as a technical system that combines models for representing knowledge about the structure, parameters, and functioning of the system. The architecture of the intellectual platform of monitoring, diagnostics, and modernization of technical systems at various stages of the life cycle is shown. The developed subsystems make it possible to analyze the current state of the technical system, predict subsequent states, carry out fault diagnostics and propose modernization options, taking into account the goals set, or based on the results of the analysis of the technical characteristics of the system. The classification of the main goals of equipment modernization is given. A description of the method of upgrading equipment for monitoring purposes, as the final product, and process equipment. The ontology of common industrial equipment is presented, including the classes necessary for building equipment modernization precedents, taking into account the goal of modernization. The proposed ontology includes a detailed presentation of data and knowledge on the main types of common industrial equipment, as well as diagnostic rules for troubleshooting certain types of equipment. A formal description of equipment modernization precedents is proposed. It shows the relevance of development for modern industrial enterprises, as part of the national program and the concept of modern production. The study was carried out with the financial support of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research in the framework of research project No. 19-07-01200.

Keywords: ontological engineering, production modernization, maintenance and repair, life cycle

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