UDC 621.311

V.V. Salnikov, Y.V. Frantsuzova

The paper considers an approach to the energy analysis of control programs (up) for multi-purpose machines (MCS) with a numerical control system (CNC), the purpose of which is to assess the efficiency of energy consumption when it is performed on a certain equipment. Describes the General approach to programming of CNC systems with the help of ISO-7bit. The description of the grammar of ISO7Bit language is presented with the help of metacharacters for constructing the syntactic and lexical analyzers of the text of the control program on its basis. Considered the authors developed software for analysis of control programs with the goal of getting out of the text up the contour of the workpiece, cutting speed and feed in each point of the trajectory, and calculation of the data obtained cutting power and chart your energy consumption by machine drives system. To demonstrate the capabilities of the developed software, an analysis of the control program obtained at the enterprise of the Tula region was made. As a result, a number of measures are proposed to improve the energy efficiency of its implementation: reducing the “irrational” idle tool strokes and optimizing the feed value at the time of processing the “depression”. Directions for further modernization of the developed software are shown.

Keywords: efficiency, energy use efficiency, energy efficiency program operating ISO7Bit

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