UDC 339.138
doi: 10.26102/2310-6018/2019.25.2.003

G.N. Vershinina, Y.I. Dreyzis, O.A. Burunin

E-commerce is a new kind of economic activity in modern Russia. Doing business via the Internet commerce can improve the competitiveness of the company. The article reveals the advantages and disadvantages of Internet commerce for companies, consumers and society. Types of the organization of the Websites for conducting electronic commerce of the enterprises are considered. The existing program complexes for creation of websites of the enterprises and conducting electronic commerce by them are analyzed.
The analysis of the existing approaches to the choice of the automation equipment of electronic commerce on the basis of the carried-out contrastive analysis of different tools, such, for example, as designers of the websites, CMS systems and generators of the websites was made. The technique of the choice of a CMS system for implementation of electronic commerce at the enterprise is considered and the basic concepts of efficiency of electronic commerce are analyzed. The technique of the choice of the automation equipment of electronic commerce, which can be used by the enterprises and the organizations for creation of websites by them (electronic portals) on the organization of electronic sales or provision of services via the Internet, is as a result developed

Keywords: :electronic commerce, tools electronic business, CMS-system, designers of sites.

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