UDC 263.74
doi: 10.26102/2310-6018/2019.24.1.041

M.I. Yatsechko, S.V. Ippolitov, R.V. Repin, V.A. Malyshev

The article considers the algorithm of organization of engineering and aviation support on the example of the system of group object technical service. The essence of this algorithm is the priority assignment rule. Three priority assignment rules are identified. The first priority assignment rule is for an element that participated in the execution of a previous requisition. The second priority assignment rule is for the element that was last serviced or repaired. The third priority assignment rule is chosen at random. The performance indicators of the group object service system are determined, such as: the average time of preparation of the group object, the average number of unserved requests and the average number of recoveries made in the group object. On the basis of the selected indicators, the comparison of the efficiency of the system of preparation of maintenance systems of group objects with different priority assignment rules is made. It is shown that each priority assignment rule has its advantages. If for a group object there is the value of preparation time, then we apply the first priority assignment rule, but if in the preparation of the group object there is the value of the probability of failure, it is advisable to apply the second rule. At the moment, the third rule is applied in the preparation, which does not require the cost of creating automated control systems.

Keywords: :technical service, aviation equipment, group object, priority.

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