UDC 681.3
doi: 10.26102/2310-6018/2019.24.1.038

A.V. Shapovalov, A.P. Preobrazhenskiy, O.N. Choporov

The paper discusses the features of solving problems related to the processes of project management in organizations. The characteristics of companies using the project approach are given. The formulation of the problem associated with the choice of projects from a variety of alternatives is given. It is demonstrated how the characteristics of the projects are evaluated. The strategy of the organization affects the maximum number of project options possible with the formed portfolio of projects. The methodology and approaches used in the process of evaluating the effectiveness of projects: the method of multi-criteria evaluation, linear programming model 0-1 Integer, integer programming model. In order to effectively manage project portfolios, it is proposed to select a set of parameters from the point of view of which there should be an assessment of projects and their portfolios in the process of deciding on the inclusion of projects in portfolios or in the selection of portfolios. Project optimization models in companies are based on the methodology of operations research. Through a combination of optimization methods and decision-making methods, you can select the desired set of projects that lead to maximum benefit. Restrictions in the formed multicriteria problem can be different, for example technological, resource.

Keywords: :project, management, project portfolio, optimization methods.

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