UDC 62.523.8
doi: 10.26102/2310-6018/2019.24.1.026

A.V. Kucheryavenko

The article discusses the occurrence of noise components from rotating structural elements of the aircraft or turboprop components and the effect of these components on the radio signal tracking aerodynamic object. The masking effect of signals from rotating elements affects the observation of the glider component, which interferes with the tracking of the object. The need to suppress the turboprop components in the radio signal is noted. To solve the problem, it is proposed to use fractal signal processing methods. An algorithm for suppressing turboprop spectral components in an echo signal of an aerodynamic object, based on the definition of the similarity function, is proposed. The article describes the steps of the algorithm and its block diagram. An example of a signal from a bank of temporal functions of micro-movements of an object’s structural elements, used as a basis for approximating the initial echo signal, is given. A simulation was performed for a single aerodynamic object, confirming the suppression of the turboprop component of the echo signal. The proposed algorithm is proposed to be used to classify the number of objects in a swarm of unmanned aerial vehicles. The necessity of decreasing the interval of discreteness of the parameters describing the kinematics of the object’s micro-movements is noted. The materials are of practical value in radiolocation when accompanied by unmanned aerial vehicles to eliminate interfering components in the far-Doppler portrait of the object, automatic coordination, navigation, and increased flight safety.

Keywords: :turboprop component, glider component, micromovement, echo signal, spectrum, radar, Doppler.

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