UDC 004.94
doi: 10.26102/2310-6018/2019.24.1.004

V. A. Minaev, M. P. Sychev, L.S. Kulikov, E.V. Vaitz

In the last decade, the activity of both foreign centers and various groups of influences within the country on the organization of destructive impacts on Russian society and its social groups, especially youth, in order to destabilize the domestic political, socio-economic and criminal situation has significantly increased in social networks. That is why in the Doctrine of information security of the Russian Federation information and psychological effects (IPE) are called important negative factors affecting the state of information security (IS). In this regard, the creation of models to counter destructive information impacts (DII) of manipulative nature in social networks, assessment and forecasting of their impact on social groups are at the present stage actual management tasks. The system-dynamic model of information counteraction of DII in social networks is considered. Its application for the purposes of counteraction to information terrorism, extremism and other destructive influences on modern society by means of information networks is proved. The description of the model in the form of flowcharts in the designations of system dynamics is given. Systems of differential equations are shown. Simulation experiments with models using the promising Anylogic platform were carried out. The model make it possible to forecast DII taking into account the factor of counteraction in social networks, to play different scenarios of the dynamics of these interrelated processes.

Keywords: : simulation modeling, destructive information impact, counteraction, management, social network.

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