UDC 519.865.7
doi: 10.26102/2310-6018/2019.24.1.002

E.V. Bolnikina, S.A. Oleinikova

The object of the research in the work is multi-stage systems, at the entrance of which comes a stream of applications that require performing a series of series-parallel works for their service. The subject of the research is the optimization of the task of assigning contractors to work in such a system. The aim of the work is to formalize the task under study, taking into account the human factor while working together with a group of performers. The study of the features of the problem showed the impossibility of using classical approaches (in particular, the Hungarian method and methods for solving problems of integer programming) to solve it. In this regard, it became necessary to develop their own specialized mathematical and algorithmic apparatus. As a result, a formalization of the problem is proposed, including a nonlinear objective function and recursive constraints. The specificity of the mathematical apparatus required the use of appropriate algorithmic support for its solution. The method was based on a return algorithm. The general idea of the algorithm based on the branch and bound method is presented. Thus, a formal description of the task of assignments to performers, taking into account the existing features of the system, and also presents a general algorithm for solving it. Detailing and software implementation of the algorithm will improve the efficiency of management decision-making by optimizing the choice of a team of performers for each of the works.

Keywords: : organizational management, assignment task, multistage service system, formalization, algorithm.

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