UDC 621.396

I. Y. Lvovich, A. P. Preobrazhenskiy, O. N. Choporov, E. Ruzhitsky

The structure of modern radio transmitting devices may include antennas formed of both metal and dielectric components-metal-dielectric antennas. They are compact enough and can be placed on various objects of equipment. The paper presents a simulation of a metal-dielectric antenna based on a combined approach. The scheme of antenna construction in different planes is given. The process of scattering of a plane electromagnetic wave on an antenna is considered. The combined algorithm including the method of the integral equation, parallel approach and genetic algorithm is developed. In this paper, the integral equation is used to determine the unknown surface electric currents on the antenna surface, it is solved on the basis of the method of moments. A parallel algorithm was used to speed up the calculations. The impedance matrix is represented as a block matrix. Each block has its own parallel stream. Taking into account the influence of a plane dielectric waveguide on the scattered field, a method associated with a generalized scattering matrix is used. To solve the problem of multi-alternative optimization associated with determining the linear dimensions of the antenna device at a given operating frequency of the antenna, a genetic algorithm is used. As a result, the dimensions of the designed antenna for the specified dimensions of its components are obtained.

Keywords: : antenna, integral equation, parallel approach, optimization, genetic algorithm.

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