UDC 004.89

S.S. Vasilyev, A.A. Kharitonov, D.M. Korobkin, S.A. Fomenkov

The task of automation of synthesis of innovative solutions in the field of technical systems and technologies is one of the most priority problems of science. The authors propose to automate the most important, initial stages of the design of new technical systems and technologies on the basis of updated knowledge bases obtained from the world patent database, including the Rospatent patent database. According to the method of morphological analysis and synthesis, it is assumed that the main structural features (functions of technical objects) are extracted from some technical solution (patent), on the basis of which alternative options are sought. All these features are reduced to a morphological table, combined, which gives a lot of new solutions. The paper describes the developing a software for extracting the technical functions descriptions from Russian patents. The grammar of the presentation of technical functions descriptions according to the model “Action-Object-Condition” in the Russian-language patents was formed; algorithms for the initial processing of the patent database, the extraction of technical functions through the analysis of dependency trees, the formation of the morphological table was developed. The software consisting of a module of patent database processing; a module of text segmentation of the patent formula; a module of semantic text analysis; a module of extracting descriptions of technical functions; a module of presenting the results of patent database processing, was tested to solve practical problems.

Keywords: : technical functions, Natural Language processing, patents, RosPatent, Link Grammar Parser.

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