UDC 519.8(075.8)

A. V. Ganicheva

The relevance of the study is due to the need for rational management of funds, as an organization (enterprise), and various communities, individual entrepreneurs, family budget and individual. The article developed a new method for assessing the optimal management of cash reserves. For continuous and discrete cases, the mathematical models based on the device of the linear differential and differential equations are constructed. The change of reserve as a function of time is shown. Options of assessment of parameters are offered under accurate and indistinct conditions. The conditions for optimal management of reserve funds, as well as the solution of the problems of determining the time for this level of reserve and the initial value of the reserve at a given forecast level are formulated. The effective and inefficient management of funds under clear and unclear conditions is defined. The analysis of the dependence of reserve funds on the values of the parameters of the equations describing the process of reserve formation is carried out. The model of components of a reserve is considered. The problem of their optimum combination when maximizing a reserve is solved. The methods of integer programming are used in the solution. The materials of the article are of practical value, as they can be used in technology, Economics, ecology, military Affairs, social sphere.

Keywords: system, asset, the reserve funds, the parameters of the equation, optimal control reserve.

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