UDC 519. 72

V.I. Sumin, O.V. Isaev, M.V. Skulkov

With the purpose of ensuring highly reliable information processing in practice at assessment of stability of functioning of the security systems considered from positions of information structures in the conditions of negative impacts, it is necessary not only to develop new models and algorithms of steady interaction of elements of the specified information sets, but also to consider requirements to efficiency of the information processes proceeding at the same time. Increase in amount of negative impacts on elements of security complexes demands modernization of systems of parrying of negative impacts and also carrying out the analysis of stability of functioning of this sort information structures. The improvement of information structures and optimization of information processes made on the basis of development of adequate models of functioning of systems of complex safety of objects of special importance in the conditions of factors of external influences is a scientific and technical task relevant now which implementation will allow to minimize lag of rates of development of the security equipment and technologies from dynamically improved instruments of destabilization of elements of systems of protection of objects of special importance. Development and the solution of adequate mathematical model of interaction of information structures of security systems and negative impacts are intended to describe dynamics of evolution of their elements on the phase plane of space and taking into account integrated representation of stability conditions and also the second method of Lyapunov to create mathematical model of steady management of information process of interaction of elements of the specified information sets. The task of the analysis of phase portraits of a condition of security complexes as information systems is connected with a research of the attractors representing areas (the phase vicinities) of space consisting of set of concentric circles in the form of a set of the points which are attracting trajectories of evolution of elements of information structures of security systems and indicating areas of their steady functioning.

Keywords: attractor, algorithm, dynamic system, stability, efficiency, information system, information structure, information process, information set, interaction model, management.

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