UDC 004.9

G.B. Suyunova, N.A. Gaivoronskaya, E.V. Polovinko

This article describes several methodologies and tools that help to simulate business processes in an enterprise in order to make timely management decisions and optimize economic and social systems. The necessity of using various methods of modeling, reorganizing and automating business processes as a means of increasing the efficiency of solving management and decision-making problems in social and economic systems is indicated. It is noted that today the modeling of business processes of the organization is a traditional activity of business analysts of Russian enterprises, which can be a necessary tool for making correct management decisions. It is indicated that there are many different principles of notation. The article also noted that not all notations are equally applicable to the solution of various problems. The eEPC notation used to model business processes in the form of a sequence of events and functions is discussed in more detail, here are its advantages and disadvantages. It is indicated that the tool using the eEPC notation for process modeling is the ArisExpress platform, intended for integrated management of business processes. The article considers two key concepts of the specified modeling environment – these are the concepts of Event and Activity. It is noted that the event always causes the necessity of execution of a concrete action, and the execution of this action always ends with the onset of an event. It is also indicated that in order for the diagram to be more complete and clear, the notation provides for several more standard elements, such as: Role», «Document», «IT system». As a conclusion, it is noted that when constructing these models, it is very simple to make mistakes without knowing the rules by which they are compiled. Such errors lead in the subsequent to the discrepancy of the logic of the process, and as a result – the adoption of incorrect or untimely management decisions.

Keywords: control, decision-making, social system, economic system, notation, optimization, model.

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