UDC 681.3

D. A. Nedosekin

In this paper we consider the problem of developing control related systems (CRS). They affect the way in which development is carried out adjacent to high technology systems. The article focused on the creation of algorithmic procedures, allowing for the management of CRS. The choice of a promising option in the optimization problem comes from the fact that ITT system is a progressive system in the structure of CRS. In procedure identified and described three modules. The block diagram of the algorithmic procedure of control selection boundary conditions for the development of a singly linked system and a block diagram of the algorithmic procedures for the management of reallocation of the financial resource of the base system. Procedure multialternative choice has the character of formalizing expert knowledge in the form of grades compatible promising directions of development of promotion system and can achieve effective interaction of all components connected developing system. The choice of option a valid boundary conditions for the development of information and telecommunication technologies (ITT) in the region is carried out by experts on the basis of a comparison of dominant strategies. Analyzed the sample statistics over a certain period of development component of the ITT in the period that gave opportunity to confirm the performance optimization.

Keywords: :decision making, system, multialternative aggregation, optimization, management, model, algorithm.

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