UDC 37.01

V.M. Grinyak, I.L Artemeva, A.V. Shulenina

Current paper is about problem of introduction in the educational process for IT learning programs of training courses created by vendor companies within the framework of academic partnership programs. Many years of experience of authors in the framework of the ORACLE Academy program are described. Currently, the program includes seven core full-fledged training courses on programming in the Java language and databases located on the iLearning platform. In addition, there are several additional courses available in the self-study mode. The authors propose a scheme for using these courses in the educational process, which has worked well for a few years in the Far Eastern Federal University and Vladivostok State University of Economics and Service, including in the master’s education. The paper concludes with an assessment of the relevance, content and quality of these training courses, the prospects for the work of Russian universities in terms of membership in the program, and gives recommendations on the organization of the teaching and methodological work of the staff involved in the development of the ORACLE Academy program at the university. The conclusion is made that accessing the training courses of vendors and harmoniously integrating them into the curricula can significantly increase the attractiveness of educational programs and strengthen their competitive advantages in the market of educational services, including international ones.

Keywords: :information technology, educational process, university, students, Java, databases, ORACLE Academy.

Full text:
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