UDC 664.66:615.857.63:621.72

E.I. Ponomareva, A.Y. Krivosheev, A.A. Zhuravlev, S.I. Lukina

The urgent line of development of the baking industry is the development of new formulations and resource-saving technologies of bread products for dietary nutrition. To create new types of a wide range of ahloridny products, it is preferable to use non-traditional raw materials of vegetable origin: whole-wheaten wheat flour, buckwheat and whey beverage flour “Actual”. An important condition for obtaining products of consistently high quality and increasing production efficiency is the establishment of rational dosages of the formulation components in the preparation of the dough. Mathematical methods of planning of experiment are applied to study the interaction of the major technological factors influencing the process of preparation and the quality of bread products. The optimization of parameters of preparation of dough for ahloridny bread was performed using experimental and statistical methods. As a result of the performed experiment a mathematical model in the form of regression equation which adequately describes the studied process has been developed. The statistical processing of experimental data has been performed according to Student, Kokhren and Fischer criteria (with the confidential probability of 0.95). The graphic interpretation of regression equation has allowed to determine previously the optimum area of factorial space in which the highest value of output parameter is reached – the specific volume of bread. Rational values of factors have been determined: the dosage of flour from bran of greenschish is 4.87%, the whey drink “Actual” is 24.86% when making bread from a mixture of wheat flour of 1st grade and whole wheat seed in a ratio of 50:50. Their choice has been validated by a series of parallel experiments which has shown sufficient convergence of results with the average square error of no more than 0.67%. On the basis of the obtained data a formulation and a way of production ahloridny bread “Symphony”.

Keywords: : non-traditional types of raw materials, ahloridny bread, central composite rotatable uniform planning, optimization.

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