UDC 621.9.048.4

G.I. Goremykina, N.A. Shchukina

This work continues research of authors on modeling of processes of express loans and their optimization. Express loan is a consumer loan for the purchase of goods directly at the point of sale, without visiting the bank. The processes of issuing such loans are studied to obtain an assessment of various options for the development strategy of the credit department management system of one of the largest Russian banks. To achieve this goal, the following tasks were formulated and solved, namely: the analysis of the consumer lending market was conducted; a procedure was performed to verify that a sample of random variables belongs to one of the distribution functions and the corresponding numerical characteristics of the obtained distribution; a comprehensive assessment of the functioning of the bank’s branch for the issuance of express loans in the current and forecast period was received. Considering the branch of the bank as a queuing system, an imitation model was created, the input stream of applications of which has an exponential distribution, and the customer service time is subject to the normal distribution law. For the computer implementation of the simulation model, the interactive Simulink environment integrated into the MatLab application package was used. The results of the simulation experiment are given and the analysis of the number of potential borrowers and the total amount of loans given to them is made.

Keywords: : express loans, simulation modeling, queuing system, MatLab, Simulink.

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