UDC 004.8:656.614(3) (985)

E.Y. Sobolevskaya, S.V. Glushkov, N.G. Levchenko

The analysis of the software intended for management of sea freight transportation processes is has been carried out. A number of shortcomings have been identified in the existing software used to organize work in specific navigation areas, such as the Northern Sea Route: lack of decision support systems, lack of analysis to calculate time and cost of cargo delivery. The architecture of an intelligent system for the organization of sea freight traffic has been developed, taking into account the difficult conditions of navigation in the Arctic. The architectures of two modules have been developed: calculation of the cost sea cargo transportation; calculation and analysis of a safe and faster route depending on the month (time of year). The process of simulation modeling is based on the methods of artificial intelligence – the neural network, expert systems, the mathematical tool of fuzzy logic. The architecture of the intellectual system of organization of sea freight traffic with a successful implementation will allow: to provide the senior management of the shipping company with a predictable analytics; to support decision-making; to monitor the process of cargo transportation in real time; to carry out schemes for calculating the effective use of icebreakers; to calculate the best possible way of delivery; to provide on-demand online forecast for transportation at a certain point in time, minimize the cost of shipping, delay in transit, risks to cargo safety.

Keywords: : sea cargo transportation, Northern Sea Route, Arctic, intellectual systems, simulation modeling.

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