UDC 519.6

A.P.Karpenko, I.A.Kuzmina

The task of distribution of new power consumers by transformer and distribution substations of the urban power distribution network is considered. The problem is presented in the form of a discrete optimization problem. The article describes three algorithms developed by the authors for solving the problem: a heuristic algorithm of limited search; algorithm that implements methods of genetic search; algorithm based on the construction of Voronoi diagrams. Heuristic algorithm of limited search implements the concept of “greedy” algorithms, where each iteration makes an attempt to connect to the consumer’s network with the least connection costs. In the algorithm that realizes the concept of genetic search, each consumer is assigned one chromosome gene, the allele is the number of the substation to which the connection will be made. In the algorithm based on the construction of Voronoi diagrams, Voronoi diagrams are constructed at each iteration, determining for each substation (transformer or distribution) the set of consumers for which it is the nearest. Comparative analysis of the developed algorithms is carried out with the use of the interactive software complex ELNET. Based on the analysis, a conclusion was made about the efficiency and feasibility of using all the developed algorithms to solve practically significant problems

Keywords: : urban power network, consumers distribution, genetic algorithm, heuristic algorithm, Voronoi diagram.

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