UDC 519.85

I.N. Goncharova, T.V. Kurchenkova, O.Y. Lavlinskaya

Discusses the relevance of developing a system of support of decision-making to build individual development programs for children with disabilities on the basis of criterion of assessment of disability in institutions of medico-social examination. The most important condition for achieving high quality examination is the use of scientific methods of system theory and qualimetry, formal approaches based on the use of problem-oriented software in the form of system of support of decision-making. The article formulates the requirements to the structure and functionality of the system of support of decision-making, focuses on mathematical apparatus, on the basis of which calculated the integral index characterizing an individual medical-social-educational development indicator (training) of a child with disabilities. Visualization tools allow you to build a profile that contains the quantitative characteristic for each criterion. The selection conditions of an individual trajectory of development and education of the child are formulated in the form of production rules, allowing you to make an individual plan of study. Also the system of support of decision-making is entrusted the task of monitoring the achievements of targets of the development and learning of the child. To exercise control it is necessary to organize the re-examination at every stage of learning and to compare the current profile with an initial or previous profile, compiled by the examination. The result of the comparison is the adjustment of the individual program of training and development. The use of formal methods, in the form of software tools provide a well-grounded choice of individual educational trajectories of students with disabilities and contribute to achieving the goal of quality inclusive education in accordance with Federal state educational standard of General education students with disabilities (HIA)

Keywords: psychology and pedagogical profile of the child, examination, decision-making support.

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