UDC 681.3

D.M. Sonkin, M.A. Sonkin, A.A. Shamin, V.Z. Yampolsky

The purpose of this article is structure declaration and composition of the hardware and software of a navigation and telecommunication complex of new generation for communication and control of mobile task forces. Methods of systems analysis, simulation modeling are used. The developed complex passed successful tests in the Tomsk region and is ready to delivery to other regions. Relevance of researches is caused by need of creation of new hardware and software solutions for creation of a navigation and telecommunication complex of new generation for the purpose of increase in efficiency of monitoring systems and control of hardly accessible objects and mobile groups. Article is directed to disclosure of problems of creation of such systems, to publications of experience and approaches to creation of the integrated monitoring systems, communications and controls for the purpose of extension of the sphere of their application in economy and in law enforcement agencies. Article contains synthesis of the got experience of development and implementation of a navigation and telecommunication complex of the new generation using achievements of microprocessor technique and hardware and software of the modern communication systems, monitoring and control.

Keywords: Navigation and telecommunication complexes of a new generation, mobile operational groups, communication channels, satellite systems.

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