UDC 681.391

K. V. Vekovischeva, V.V.Kostyuchenko

In this paper we consider the problem of coding the data that can be stored on data carriers or transmitted over communication systems. The structure of communication systems, a description of the main constituent components. The classification of error-correcting codes. This description of a software product, which demonstrates how error-correcting codes. The results of research abilities-correcting codes, Hamming, Bose-Roy-Chowdhury-Hoquinghem and reed-Muller for the text file and for a file with the video format. Found that based on the Hamming code can be good to correct single errors, but it does not work for multiple. On the basis of the reed-müller code, also corrected various errors, but it is distorted less bits than code Bose-Roy-Chowdhury-Hoquinghem.

Keywords: error-correcting coding, communication system, algorithm, information processing.

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