About Us

Electronic journal “Modeling, Optimization and Information Technology” (“MOIT”) is a peer-reviewed scientific journal, which has been published since 2013. Founded by Voronezh Institute of High Technology (VIVT). VIVT is an independent nonprofit organization of higher education.

The journal is issued four times a year.

“MOIT” publishes scientific reviews, problem-oriented and scientific-practical articles. Publications are focused on the application of systems analysis, mathematical modeling, optimization and information technology in various scientific and technological fields.

Starting from May 29, 2017, the journal is included in the current List of Peer-Reviewed Scientific Publications (VAK RF) for the following scientific specialties :

05.13.01 System analysis, management and information processing (by branches) (technical sciences)
05.13.06 Automation and management of technological processes and production (by branches) (technical sciences)
05.13.10 Management in social and economic systems (technical sciences)
05.13.11 Mathematical and software of computers, complexes and computer networks (technical sciences)
05.13.12 Design automation systems (by branches) (technical sciences)
05.13.17 Theoretical foundations of computer science (technical sciences)
05.13.18 Mathematical modeling, numerical methods and program complexes (technical sciences)
05.13.19 Methods and systems of information security, information security (technical sciences)
05.12.04 Radio engineering, including television systems and devices (technical sciences)
05.12.07 Antennas, microwave devices and their technologies (technical sciences)
05.12.13 Systems, networks and telecommunications devices (technical sciences)
05.12.14 Radio-location and radio navigation (technical sciences)
05.11.16 Information-measuring and control systems (by branches) (technical sciences)
05.11.17 Medical devices and systems (technical sciences)

The journal is registered with Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Telecom, Information Technologies and Mass Communications Registration certificate # ФС77-53577 from 4 April 2013.
MOIT is an online publication with International Standard Serial Number
ISSN 2310-6018.
Since 2013 the journal has been indexed by scientific RSCI (Russian Science Citation Index) and publicly available on the Scientific Electronic Library eLIBRARY.RU.

This helps share the materials more widely and increase the level of publication in the journal.

Impact factor of the RSCI for the year 2017 was 0.730.

The journal does not have a paper version and provides full open access to all its publications. Articles submitted for publication must be previously unpublished and not under consideration for publication in other editions.
Articles, received by the editors, are published after peer review by members of the Editorial Board who are experts in the relevant fields. The Editorial Board has the right to send an article to an independent review.
Authors are responsible for accuracy of the information contained in the articles. When using the journal materials, the reference to the journal name and the author names of articles is required.
Materials are published in author’s edition.