Author Guidelines

Scientific articles in Russian and in English are accepted for publications in “Modeling, Optimization and Information Technology ” journal. Only in the case of performing Authors Terms of publication and compliance with Copyright Requirements set by the publisher,the Editorial Board considers the materials received from the authors.
The final decision on the article publication or rejecting is taken by the Editorial Board after its peer reviewing and internal discussion.

Required structural elements of the publication

  • Index of Universal Decimal Classification (UDC) (print over the title of the article on the left)
  • Initials and Surnames of all authors (in Russian and English , the initials – before the Surname)
  • Title of the Article (in Russian and English – Uppercase, Bold)
  • Full name of the organization representing the article
    ( in Russian and English – in Italics)
  • Brief abstract (in Russian and English , 150-250 words, font – Time New Roman, size 12, italics )
  • Keywords ( in Russian and English, 5 to 10 words or phrases, font – Time New Roman, size 12, normal)
  • Body (text of the Article in Russian or English should include the following structural elements: introduction, materials and methods, results, discussion, conclusion).
  • List of references –Bibliography (in Russian or English – Microsoft Word numbered list)

The electronic version of the publication format details:

  • at least 8 pages of printed text
  • one-spaced rich text format (rtf)
  • paper size А4 (210 x 297mm).
  • font color is black.
  • main text standard font- Times New Roman, 14 pt.
  • height of letters, numbers and other characters in tables and figures is size 12 (not less than 10).
  • page layout margins: right – 25 mm, left – 25 mm,top – 25 mm , bottom – 25 mm

List of references is required. References in the text should be specified in ascending order using Arabic numerals in square brackets. All numbers of references in the Article Body text should be according to the sources specified in the Bibliography.
Figures included in the text.

Example of the article.

Authors should submit a minimum of two files (author information file and article file).
Author information file includes: Surname (Last Name), First Name/Middle Name, Present Employment, Position, Academic degree and Title, e-Mail address or other contact information.

Full text of the Authors Guidelines.

Procedure for submission and publication of articles:

Materials are provided only to e-mail sсienсejоurnаl@оutlооk.соm in a single zip file (WinRAR, WinZip) attached to the letter.

Upon initial consideration of the manuscript editors performs it evaluation of compatibility with scientific topics of the journal and formatting requirements. An author is informed by email about receiving article for consideration, the possible terms of its publication, or a reasoned rejection, and if it is necessary, recommendations to correct noticed problems.
In the case, authors have received no response from the Editorial Board within a week after sending materials, sending the letter should be repeated.
The article, selected for publication after initial consideration, is subjected to peer-review by Editorial Board members. Upon receiving a positive review from reviewers the article is approved to publication by Editorial Board. If there are comments by the reviewer, the article is sent back to the author for changes. In case of a negative conclusion of the reviewers the article is rejected.
The article approved for publication, is directed for finalization and inclusion in the next issue of the journal.
On average, the Editorial Board makes a decision about Article publication within one month from the Date of Article registration. The editors reserve the right to make editorial and prepress editing. text of articles does not change their basic sense, without author consideration.

Payment options:

  • By the author in VIVT Office – Cash
  • Transfer to the bank account of the journal – Bank Transfer

Information on the procedure and terms of payment will be sent only to the authors of the articles, that selected by the Editorial Board, to be published in the next issue after reviewing. In case the payment is not made on time, the article will be moved to the MOIT “reserve” status.