UDC 519.65; 621.3.01

E.B. Solovyeva, H.A. Harchuk

Actuality of the investigation theme is specified by complexity of mathematical modeling of nonlinear dynamic devices, since the analytical solutions of the nonlinear differential equation systems of high size are not always obtained, and numerical solutions are often accompanied by the problem of poor conditionality. In this situation, behavioral modeling is effective, herewith the object of investigation is represented as a “black or gray box”, and its mathematical model is constructed using the sets of the input and output signals. Behavioral modeling is important in conditions of restricted information of new elements and technologies, as well as under the complexity and variety of models built at the component level. The behavioral modeling of memristive devices actively developed using nanotechnology for energy-saving equipment is represented. A method of behavioral modeling of the transfer characteristics of memristive devices by means of piecewise neural models based on split signals is proposed. To reduce the dimension on approximating nonlinear operators and, therefore, to simplify mathematical models, are applied the following: neural networks, the signal splitting method that enables to adapt the model to the type of the input signals, and a piecewise approximation method for operators of nonlinear dynamic systems. On the basis of the proposed method, a piecewise neural model is constructed. This model includes five three-layer neural networks of simple structure (3x2x1, 100 parameters) and provides a significantly higher accuracy of modeling the transfer characteristic of memristors, the current dynamics of which are described by the Bernoulli differential equation, in comparison with the two-layer piecewise neural and piecewise polynomial models. The described results are of practical value for the behavioral modeling of memristors and various memristive devices, as well as of other nonlinear dynamic systems, since they develop a universal approach for approximating nonlinear operators based on neural networks.

Keywords:nonlinear dynamic system, mathematical modeling, nonlinear operator, nonlinear model, approximation, neural network, memristor.

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