UDC 519.6, 621.3

S.A. Zagolilo, A.S. Semenov, M.N. Semenova, I.A. Yakushev

A multi-motor electric drive system of a mining combine is considered. Computer simulation was performed in the MatLab software package using the Simulink block library and the SimPowerSystems application. For research, a mining combine AM-75 was selected. The description of the power circuit of the main electrical equipment of the combine is given, which includes the engines of the swept working body, the rotary scraper conveyor, and the pick-up with two pick-up legs. To carry out the simulation, the Mathcad program calculated additional parameters of induction motors, which include the active resistances and inductances of the stator and rotor windings, mutual induction, reduced power, rated current, design and winding coefficients of the motors. A computer model of direct start of all asynchronous motors with a process relationship has been developed. The simulation results are obtained in the form of graphs of the time dependences of the main engine parameters: angular rotation frequency and electromagnetic moment. Plots of voltage and current of the supply network were obtained, as well as a graph of active power consumption. A qualitative assessment of the obtained results was made by determining the relative error of the simulated parameters and calculated data. During the assessment and analysis of the simulation results, minor errors in the engine parameters were revealed, which indicates the exact implementation of the computer model and the possibility of its use for engineering calculations.

Keywords:computer simulation, MatLab, Simulink, asynchronous motor, multi-motor electric drive, mining combine, angular rotation speed, electromagnetic moment, error.

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