UDC 004.7

Y.I. Sinitsyn

One of the tasks of remote wireless workstation monitoring is to ensure data sharing security by remotely monitoring a workstation or portable devices based on Wi-Fi, 4G or Bluetooth. The developed model of application for mobile communication devices (ICC) serves to monitor and verify various operations on workstations (laptops) connected through a computer network Wi-Fi. Wireless information security protocols are compared. The application is based on Wi-Fi technology, which is protected by wireless security protocol WPA2 [1]. The WPA2 implements the AES block cipher to provide more reliable data encryption, but it is still vulnerable to several attacks due to the transmission of unencrypted control and control frames and the sharing of a group time key (GTK) between nodes connected to the wireless network. Secure communication between the server and the ICC creates the need to offer a security algorithm – simple and efficient to create a robust platform under an already existing wireless information security protocol, such as WPA/WPA2. The results of the workstation monitoring system, encryption algorithm are presented and the performance of the application module is estimated.

Keywords: platform, model, algorithm, computer network monitoring, WPA/WPA2, encryption.

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