UDC [621.396.96+53.082.74]

V.G. Mashkov, V.А. Malyshev

The article is devoted to research in the field simulation helicopter-type aircraft landing. The analysis the standard means landing, installed on helicopter – type aircraft at the present time showed that in Arctic conditions they are not able to provide the crew with information about the underlying surface (landing site), in particular, the depth snow, the slope the earth’s surface under the snow cover, the presence obstacles. Simulation the process controlling the landing a helicopter – type aircraft on an unprepared site with a snow cover with the proposed radar landing system showed that the task can be successfully solved. To do this, the underlying surface (landing site) is probed and information is given to the crew about the possibility landing, or lack thereof, comparing the measured values with those specified for a particular type aircraft. The logical information model, reflecting the automation the management process fit with the purpose increasing the probability correct site selection as an indicator safety landing an aircraft the helicopter type, by radar determine the parameters and characteristics plane-environments, depth snow cover, obstructions and slope the earth’s surface the landing site. The use the model is possible in the development radar systems to ensure the safe landing a helicopter – type aircraft on an unprepared snow-covered area in conditions insufficient information about the underlying surface the cabin space.

Keywords: plane-medium, subsurface sensing, landing of the helicopter, a landing place, an unprepared area.

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